Fleet Safety Resource Kit

The WALGA RoadWise Program has developed a Fleet Safety Resource Kit to assist Local Governments in developing and adopting fleet safety policies. 

Workplace related road crashes are the most common cause of death, injury and absence from work in Australia.

The Facts

  • Between 1999/2000 and 2003/04 there was an average of 11 fatalities and 489 lost time claims due to work-related crashes each year in Western Australia, making up 45% of all work related fatalities.
  • Collectively, WA Local Government fleets are substantial with 14,576 vehicles worth $459,386,181 in 138 Councils in 2005.
  • WA Local Government fleets made $11,614,310 worth of claims between 2000 and 2005 at an average cost of $2008 per claim and a total average cost of $13,623 per Council per year.

Adopting Fleet Safety Policies

Adopting fleet safety polices can not only result in lowered costs (vehicle damage, insurance and productivity) but also provides a safer work environment for employees.

A number of Local Governments already have fleet safety policies or are considering whether to adopt the fleet safety recommendations included in the kit.

Local Governments can contact their closest Road Safety Advisor to discuss fleet safety and obtain further information.


To obtain any of the following resources please complete the download form.

  • Local Government Fleet Safety Resource Kit (electronic and hard copies available)
  • ESP Vehicles in Australia (electronic copy)
  • Sample Policy for Small Fleets (electronic copy)
  • Car Safety Features Matrix (electronic copy)
  • Sample Incident Report (electronic copy)
  • Best Practice Guidelines Table (electronic copy)
  • Model Policy Template (electronic copy)

More resources are available to Local Governments via the download form .

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