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The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) works for Local Governments in Western Australia, advocating on behalf of 138 Local Governments and negotiating service agreements for the sector.

WALGA also represents the sector on the Road Safety Council.

Collectively, Local Governments manage 88% of the WA road network, where almost 60 per cent of serious crashes occur. Therefore, Local Governments are well positioned to have influence over road safety through their responsibilities as a road and planning authority, an employer, fleet operator and through community leadership.


WALGA’s RoadWise is the Local Government and Community Road Safety Program for WA and works with communities to take action to reduce road trauma, supporting and contributing to the implementation of Towards Zero, the road safety strategy for WA 2008-2020.

Established in 1994, RoadWise is guided by the safe system approach to road safety and has a team of people servicing all areas of the state, supported by a central team that work on developing and administering the Program.

For more than 20 years, RoadWise has worked in collaboration with communities and road safety partners to identify and address local road safety issues.

There are now more than 5570 individuals involved in the RoadWise community road safety network in WA, representing more than 1500 different organisations and groups, and reaching across all regions of the state.

This network is involved in the planning, development and implementation of a wide range of projects, initiatives and actions tailored to address road safety issues in their own communities.

RoadWise is supported by Local Government and is funded by the WA State Government through the Road Trauma Trust Account and the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement.

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