Human Spirit Awards

The Human Spirit Award, administered by the WA Local Government Association’s RoadWise Program, is awarded to members of the community who go above and beyond to demonstrate a commitment to road safety by working together to save lives and reduce road trauma in Western Australia.

There are dedicated road safety champions working in local communities across the state and the Human Spirit Award provides an opportunity to recognise their valuable contribution.

Recipients are to be commended for working with the Association’s RoadWise Program and other local road safety partners to raise awareness about road safety and help eliminate road crashes as a major cause of premature death and injury in the community.

For an electronic copy of the Human Spirit Nomination Form please complete the download form.

View our list of awarded members of the community.

To find out how you can become involved in road safety initiatives in your region, go the the Community Involvement section of our website or your closest Road Safety Advisor.

Human Spirit Awards Picutres
Winners Ernie Rogers and Judy Hill
Brett Wallace, Kate McConkey, Peter Herbert,
Trina Vasic, Cr Terry O'Toole. 
Wanda O'Connor was away for the photo shoot.
Ernie Rogers and Judy Hill - Albany RoadWise
Committee members


The Human Spirit Award Program had recognised more than 170 groups and individuals in the past nine years. Award recipients from 2006 to 2016 include:

Award Winners
2006 Toni Beaton Wheatbelt South
2006 Bryan French Wheatbelt North
2006 Atkinson's of Merredin Wheatbelt North
2006 Kaylene Bozich Metro North
2006 Maureen Thurston South West
2006 Brian Bitter Wheatbelt North
2006 Sgt Steve Beswick Mid West
2007 Belinda Hunt Metro North
2007 Marie Hopkins Metro North
2007 Cr Rudi Steffens Metro North
2007 Samantha Featherston Metro North
2007 Helen Randall Metro North
2007 Des Noonan Metro North
2007 Louise Omalley (nee Fartch) Mid West
2007 Kaye McCormick South West
2008 Peter Herbert  Mid West
2008 Trina Vasic  Mid West
2008 Brett Wallace Mid West
2008 Terry O'Toole Mid West
2008 Kate McConkey  Mid West
2008  Peter McConnell  Mid West
2008  Janise Stace Goldfields-Esperance
2008 Exmouth Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Gascoyne/Pilbara 
2008 Ann Banks Metro South
2008 Colin Banks Metro South
2008 Pauline Wainright  Metro South 
2008 Damien Manado Kimberley
2009  Chris Baxter Metro North 
2009 Bill Street Metro North 
2009 Snr Sgt Lily Cvijic  Metro North
2009  Eric Wolstenholme  Metro North
2009 Ian Govan  Metro North
2009  Des Hunter  Metro North
2009  Robyn Hoogland  Metro North
2009 Roy Kerr  Metro North
2009  Vern Andrews  Metro North
2009  John Gordon  Metro North
2009 Colby McGuire Pilbara
2009 Kevin Gale  South West
2009  Lindsay Francis Metro North 
2009 Glenn Cloaker Mid West 
2009 Dion Surgeon  Mid West 
2009 Stuart Chandler  Mid West 
2009 Mid West Show and Shime Committee  Mid West 
2009 Dongara Deison Volunteer Fire and Rescue  Mid West
2009 Peter Summer Mid West 
2009 Usha Patel  Metro North 
2009 Connolly Primary School RoadWise Committee  Metro North 
2009 Greg Brice  Metro North 
2009 Ian Herbert  Metro North 
2009 Jaqui Bruce  Metro North 
2009 Stephanie Barnes  Metro North 
2009 Snr Const Tam McKeown  Mid West 
2009 Rose Power  Wheatbelt North 
2009 Yalgoo Primary School - Years 5-7 students Mid West 
2009 Peta Stokes  Mid West 
2009 Susan Heinrich  Mid West
2009  Malcolm Mallaby  Great Southern 
2009  Kathy Summers  Great Southern 
2009  Ray Bird  Wheatbelt South
2010  Paul Firth Metro North
2010  Sharon Spera Metro North 
2010  Cr Cecilia Fernandez Pilbara
2010  Main Roads WA (Pilbara staff) Pilbara
2010  Ian Carlisle Metro North
2010 Brian Plowman Metro North
2010 Chris Sharman Metro North
2010 Jan Patching South West
2010 Helen Randall Metro North
2010 Sgt Nigel Fiander Great Southern
2010 Brian Warner  Metro South
2010 Graham Chitty South West
2010 Ray Duncan South West
2010 Angela Bickerstaffe South West
2010 Ernie Rogers Great Southern
2010 Judy Hill Great Southern
2011  Murray Cook South West
2011 Shire of Dardanup RoadWise Committee South West
2011 Silvia Clearwater South West
2011 Peloton Charity Shield Inc. Metro North
2011 Sgt Bob O'Sullivan Metro North
2011 Claire Thompson Metro North
2011 Craig Webster Metro North
2011 Tom Nagy Metro North
2011 Clare Gartner Metro North
2011 George Rimpas Metro North
2011 Jane Makin Metro North
2011 Pannawonica Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service  Pilbara
2011 Robe Valley Operations Team  Pilbara
2011 Syd Wilson  South West
2012 Nicole Oakes  Metro North
2012 Dave Peet Metro North 
2012 Guiseppe Sorgiovanni  Merto North
2012 Dave Wright  Merto North 
2012  "Enough is Enough"  Merto North 
2012  Chris Hatton Merto North 
2012  Graeme Booth Merto North 
2012  Steven Chua Merto North 
2012  Cr Graham Pittaway OAM Merto North 
2012  The Constable Care Safety Foundation (Inc) - Maylands Branch Merto North 
2012  P&C Road Safety Committee Merto North 
2013  Ossie Pereira  Metro South 
2013  Jan Backman  Metro North 
2013  Ray McArthur  Metro North 
2013  Terry Coumbe  Metro North 
2013  Peter Perich  Metro North 
2013  Peter Brown  Metro North 
2013  Trevor Quick  Metro North 
2013  Amanda Vanderputten  Metro North 
2013  Lynette Chester  Metro North 
2013  Julia Hodge  Metro North 
2013  Caron Woodman  Metro North 
2013  Dave Grills  Goldfields-Esperance 
2013  Keith Murfet  Pilbara
2014 Mick Lanagan Kimberley
2014 Tracy Gallagher Metro North
2014 Fred Nancarrow Metro South
2014 Landsdale Resident's Association Metro North
2014 Rudi Steffens - Certificate of Appreciation Metro North
2014 Lyn Jutte Metro North
2014 Margaret Ryan Metro North
2014 Jim Bayakly Metro North
2014 Anthea Armstrong Metro North
2014 Janine Toussaint Metro North
2014 Dennis Ilkin Metro North
2014 Val Jolly - Certificate of Appreciation Great Southern
2014 Barry Gibbs - Certificate of Appreciation Goldfields-Esperance
2014 Steve Beswick - Certificate of Appreciation Goldfields-Esperance
2014 John Joyce - Certificate of Appreciation Goldfields-Esperance
2014 Roberta McBroom Certificate of Appreciation Goldfields-Esperance
2014 Sgt. Brad Warburton Kimberley
2015 Nicola Peiris Metro North
2015 Christine Nelson Metro North
2015 Coolgardie Mens' Shed Goldfields-Esperance
2015 Michael Calton Great Southern
2015 Graeme Campbell Kimberley
2016 Norman Hewer Metro North
2016 Derek Bowen Metro North
2016 Keith Murfet - Certificate of Appreciation Goldfields-Esperance
2016 Helen McCormack Goldfields-Esperance
2016 Ernie Rogers - Certificate of Appreciation Great Southern
2016 Judy Hill - Certificate of Appreciation Great Southern
 2017  Sgt Steve Kent - - Certificate of Appreciation Kimberley
 2017  Dave Vance Metro North
 2017  Jacky Fisher Metro North
 2017  Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group - Certificate of Appreciation Metro North
 2017  John Crompton Metro North
 2017  Arthur Patterson - Certificate of Appreciation Great Southern
 2017  Max Heath - Certificate of Appreciation Wheatbelt North
2017 Alan Ingram - Certificate of Appreciation Kimberley
2018 Norm Hewer - Certificate of Appreciation Metropolitan North

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