Thank your to the Waroona Driver Reviver team

Posted on: Friday, 15 January 2016 at 12:00:00 AM

Members of the Williams Driver Reviver operation rallied into action earlier this month, setting up an emergency Driver Reviver site in Williams to help weary drivers fight fatigue on their journey.

The fire crisis, which closed both the South West and Forest Highways, meant all traffic was diverted to the Coalfields and Albany Highways, increasing travel distances and fatigue risks.

At very short notice volunteers came together to set up a Driver Reviver operation in Williams, providing a much needed place for drivers to stop, take a break, enjoy some refreshments and have a chat.

The group, many of whom volunteer at the Williams Driver Reviver when it operates during other peak holiday and travel times across the year, showed amazing community spirit in response to this local fire emergency.

A team of 12 dedicated volunteers helped man the site for a total of 24 hours, between Friday 8 and Monday 11 January. During that time they served 654 teas and coffees and provided a donation tin for the fire relief fund.

Travellers who stopped at the site were very appreciative of the service and donated very generously to the cause – donations received totalled $2701.These donations were used to purchase hay urgently needed for stock feed in the Waroona/Yarloop area with two truckloads distributed in mid-January.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following volunteers: Gail Gillett, Lyn Baker, Debbie & Judy Kemp, Daphne Kett, Kiaja, Helen Williamson, Judy & Olivia Martin, Cathie Steicke, Lorraine Fitzpatrick & Lesley Prowse.

Congratulations and special thanks to everyone involved. Your efforts and contributions are very much appreciated.

WALGA’s RoadWise coordinates the Driver Reviver Program in Western Australia.

Waroona Driver Reviver January 2016

Waroona Driver Reviver January 2016 2
Pictured above: The Williams Driver Reviver van which was a welcome sight for weary travellers during the South West fire crisis. 

If you would like to find out how you can get involved in your closest Driver Reviver operation, or if you are interested in establishing a new Driver Reviver site, visit the RoadWise website to find out more information.

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