Unsafe Driving In Advertising

Help us stop unsafe driving practices in advertising

Help Us Stop Unsafe Driving Practices In Advertising

Do you think an advertisement depicts unsafe driving behaviour?

If you believe a vehicle advertisement (television, print or radio) depicts unsafe driving behaviour, you can review the Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising by visiting the Advertising Standards Bureau website.

An advertisement may convene the Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising due to:

  • Unsafe/reckless/menacing driving that would breach Commonwealth law eg. excessive, sudden, extreme and unnecessary changes in direction/speed.
  • Driving at speeds in excess of speed limits in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Driving while fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Deliberate/significant environment damage (particularly off-road vehicles).
  • Driving practices which breach traffic regulations in the relevant jurisdiction (eg not wearing a seatbelt, using a hand held mobile phone).

If the offending advertisement includes any of the above elements, you should include this information on your complaints form.

How to lodge a complaint

To lodge a complaint, follow the link to the Advertising Standards Bureau website and complete the simple complaint form.

You will be asked to provide your contact details (including a postal address), details about the advertising which you believe depicts unsafe driving behaviour, where and when the advertisement was broadcast and why you believe the advertisement is offensive (ie. what about the driving behaviour is unsafe).

The WA Local Government Association's RoadWise Program encourages you to submit complaints about advertisements you believe depict unsafe driving behaviour. You are encouraged to discuss your concerns with members of your road safety network, colleagues, family and friends and provide them with information about how to complain about unsafe driving in advertising.

You can also submit your complaint in writing by addressing correspondence to:

Advertising Standards Bureau Contact Details
The Advertising Standards Bureau
Address: Level 2
97 Northbourne Avenue
Phone: (02) 6173 1500
Fax: (02) 6262 9833

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