About the RoadWise Program

Who are we?

The RoadWise Program was founded in 1994 and works with Local Governments and the community to support the implementation of the road safety strategy for Western Australia 2020-2030.

Three levels of coordination (State, Regional and Local) make up the operational framework for road safety in Western Australia.

How are we funded?

WALGA’s RoadWise receives funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account (speed and red light camera fines), administered by the Road Safety Commission and approved by the Minister for Road Safety, and through the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement (sourced from WA vehicle licensing fees).

What do we do?

WALGA's RoadWise works with communities to take action to reduce road trauma.

The RoadWise Program supports Local Governments, community groups, private businesses and individuals to become involved in the road safety network around the state.

Through a team of regional and metropolitan based staff, RoadWise achieves this by supporting local road safety committees, providing access to resources and training, and increasing knowledge, which all contribute to building the capacity of the network to make an effective contribution to improving road safety in Western Australia.

To find out more about local road safety activities being implemented across the state, visit the RoadWise Regions page.

RoadWise Case Studies

A series of case studies have been prepared which showcase the contributions made by RoadWise Committees or Local Governments across the state.

There is one case study per region which allows for a well-rounded overview of the types of road safety activities and initiatives being implemented state-wide.

Visit the download form to download the RoadWise case study from each region.




Pictured above:  A visual sample of the RoadWise case studies.

Initiative and resources

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Road safety in your area

To search for road safety information about your region, click on the RoadWise Regions menu tile at the top of this page.