Who We Work With

WALGA’s RoadWise engages, informs, facilitates and fosters collaborative partnerships to improve road safety in metropolitan, rural, remote communities across the state through a well-established road safety network. This network consists of representatives from Local Government, Government agencies, local businesses, community groups and individuals.

Local Governments

As system designers within the safe system framework, Local Governments have a strategic and operational road safety role as road managers, planning authorities and fleet managers, in addition to their community development and leadership roles. Local Governments are crucial partners in the translation of safe system principles into practice.

We aim to positively influence and work with Local Governments to build support and local capacity that contributes to the collective road safety effort.

RoadWise Committees

RoadWise or road safety committees are formed through partnerships to address road safety issues at a community level throughout the state. Committees provide a forum where local issues are discussed and community-based road safety campaigns are developed and delivered to address these issues. These committees enhance the local coordination of road safety activities. They encourage the idea of shared responsibility on our roads and the intervention from all spheres within our society including each and every individual.

Road Safety Council

The Road Safety Council identifies measures to improve the safety of roads and reduce deaths and injuries to people on WA roads. Projects designed to reduce road deaths and serious injuries are funded through the special purpose Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA).

These projects target variations on road and roadside improvements, research, enforcement, speed management, education programs targeting the behaviour of road users, community grants and safe vehicle programs.

The Road Safety Council sets priorities based on crash trends and makes recommendations to the Minister for Police and Road Safety.

Road Safety Council Member Agencies

Road Safety Commission

The Road Safety Commission (RSComm) is responsible for reducing road trauma on WA roads by supporting of the State Government’s Driving Change, Road Safety Strategy for Western Australia 2020-2030 and a safe system approach to road safety using the principles of safe road use, safe roads and roadsides, safe speeds, and safe vehicles.

Main Roads WA

Main Roads WA has responsibility for designing, building, maintaining and operating the state road network, along with setting speed limits. Main Roads WA is represented on many RoadWise committees and provides expert advice on a range of issues. 

Western Australia Police Force

The Western Australia Police Force works to make Western Australia a safe and secure place to live. It contributes to road safety through enforcement and other traffic management and road safety activities. WA Police is represented on most RoadWise committees, to enhance their activities. 

Department of Education

Education is a key aspect of road safety. Through the Department of Education's School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) program, all students in Western Australia have access to comprehensive road safety education programs. SDERA works across State, Catholic and Independent schools and services in both metropolitan and regional areas. RoadWise works with SDERA, particularly in regional areas of WA. 

Department of Health

Road safety has been recognised as a major health issue worldwide. RoadWise works in partnership with health promotion officers throughout the state to implement community road safety education strategies. For more information, visit the Department of Health's website.

Department of Transport

The Department of Transport works closely with other agencies on issues such as licensing of drivers, riders and vehicles. The Department is represented on some RoadWise committees around WA.

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is responsible for state-level land use planning and management. The focus areas are Aboriginal heritage and lands management, Crown land administration, historic heritage conservation services, integrated land and infrastructure policy development, and land use planning and policy development.

Royal Automobile Club of WA

The Royal Automobile Club of WA represents road users and advocates for improving road safety in WA.

Insurance Commission of WA

The Insurance Commission of WA is the state’s insurer providing injury insurance to motorists. The Insurance Commission also has an active community engagement program that aims to prevent or minimise the risk of injuries insured by them and improve rehabilitation and care outcomes of Insurance Commission clients. This includes community directed initiatives in road safety, research and care innovation.


Community Groups, Service Clubs and Sporting Clubs

There are many ways sporting clubs, community groups and service clubs contribute to the road safety effort across Western Australia. Working with WALGA’s RoadWise, these organisations help promote road safety in their communities and are actively involved in delivering road safety projects and campaigns.

Road Trauma Support WA (an Injury Matters Program)

Road Trauma Support WA is a statewide service assisting anyone affected by road trauma, regardless of when the incident occurred or what level of involvement the person had, direct or indirect.

Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee

WARSEC (Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee) is a multi-member agency committee convened by SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware), with an interest in improving safe road use and road safety education for young people in Western Australia. WALGA is a member of the WARSEC Committee.