Type 1 Fitters in Albany

The following organisations are authorised Type 1 Fitters of Child Restraints.

Type 1 Fitters in Albany
Department of Transport
Conditions:By appointment
Contact:Louise Openshaw
Machelle Jeffrey
Phone:9216 8517 or 9216 8522
Fee Charged?No
Dog Rock Chemist
Conditions:Safe and Sound models only.
Contact:Bronte Halsall
Kristy Pollett
Shiarne Roth
Phone:9841 1115
Fee Charged?Yes and No
Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre
Contact:Catherine Bramley
Phone:9841 8254
Fee Charged?No
Theyer Automotives
Contact:Kevin Theyer
Phone:9841 4999
Fee Charged?No

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If you are concerned about a service that you received from a Type 1 Fitter you are encouraged to lodge an incident report form and foward it to the Child Car Restraint Project Officer.

The incident report form and details of lodgement can be found in the Contact Us section of the Child Car Restraint area of this website.