Community Involvement

Community involvement is fundamental in road safety.

The local knowledge and expertise that communities bring to road safety activities help to ensure their success and increase their value.

Everyone can make a difference in reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

How to get involved

Find out what’s happening in your area

To find out more information about road safety initiatives in your community, click on the RoadWise Regions menu tile at the top of this page or browse through the road safety network section to see the range of groups and agency organisations involved with the RoadWise Program across Western Australia.

Join or support your local RoadWise committee

If you’re interested in joining a road safety committee, or would like to volunteer your time towards a road safety activity, contact your local Road Safety Advisor to talk about what opportunities are available in your area.

Be a considerate road user

Be a considerate road user who is aware of the road rules and obeys them. For more information on road rules, visit

Help supervise novice drivers

Help to supervise novice drivers so that they can benefit from logging increased hours in their learner period. For further information please download an electronic copy of the Novice Drivers fact sheet by completing the download form.

Advocate for road safety funding

Advocate for more funding for road safety initiatives through your local member of Parliament.

Buy a safer car

Consider the safety rating when buying your next car check out the safety ratings at for new cars and for used cars