Demonstration Project - Local Government Road Safety Management System 

Three Local Governments will partner with WALGA's RoadWise in a new road safety initiative. The initiative aims to demonstrate the significant influence Local Governments can have in the prevention of road death and serious injury, through the adoption and application of best practice in road safety.

The demonstration project will see the Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup work closely with WALGA’s RoadWise to embed a road safety management system, based on the safe system approach, for improving the safety performance of their local road network.

Putting a road safety management system in place will enable the participating Local Governments to prioritise effort and resources. This will guide actions in working towards a point in time where no harm occurs on local roads.

The management system being used in the delivery of the WALGA RoadWise Demonstration Project - Local Government Road Safety Management System is based on the International Standard for Road Traffic Safety Management System (ISO 39001).

This is believed to be the first example of Local Governments using ISO 39001 in Australia and will thus showcase the Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup, within and outside the sector, as leaders in the application of best practice road safety.

This project has strategic importance for the field of road safety and for the Local Government sector. There is growing recognition, at both national and state levels, that involving Local Governments in the implementation of the Safe System Approach (considered best practice) will be critical to achieving significant road safety gains for communities.

Representing a new direction for WALGA’s RoadWise, the project will place a strategic emphasis on Local Governments’ role as road managers planning authorities and fleet managers, in addition to their community development and leadership roles. It will be complemented by existing partnerships between RoadWise Road Safety Advisors and the RoadWise or road safety committees that will remain in place.

Congratulations to the three Local Governments taking part in this project – the outcomes of which will have the potential to be applied across diverse range of Local Governments, with positive implications for the sector in the future.


Selecting the Pilot Local Government Participants

In identifying Local Governments to approach as potential participants in the Demonstration Project, a process was undertaken based on specific criteria and rationale.

Key factors included Local Governments with a range of road types (to enable outcomes to be transferrable and relevant to a range of other Local Governments), road expenditure effort from Local Government resources, population, staff numbers (to ensure capacity and capability to deliver the project), road length, killed and serious injury (KSI) rates, and Local Government readiness, willingness and ability to participate in the project.

Shortlisted Local Governments were approached and provided with briefings about the Project to gauge interest in participation, with the Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup progressing to the project proposal stage and formally agreeing to work with WALGA’s RoadWise to develop and implement a road traffic safety management system.


Road Safety Snapshot: Western Australia Local Roads

  • Local Governments manage 87% of the road network
  • Just under 60% of all deaths and serious injuries occur on the local road network.
  • Between 2013 and 2017, 3,817 people were killed or seriously injured on metropolitan local roads; 1,582 people were killed or seriously injured on regional local roads.
  • Road crashes on local roads cost the community $965.1M per year (on average) over the five year period from 2013 to 2017.
  • The most common crash types on local roads across WA that result in death or serious injury are intersection (30.5%), run-off-road (24.7%) and hit pedestrian (10.7%) crashes.


Pictured above: Shire of Esperance Chief Executive Officer Shane Burge promoting the Shire’s participation in the Demonstration Project - Local Government Road Safety Management System to the Esperance community through the Shire’s Facebook page. 

Further information

Project updates will be added to this webpage as the project progresses.

WALGA's RoadWise Program has developed the Safe System Planning Tool which are a set of principles designed to guide and support Local Governments in embracing the safe system approach to road safety. Visit the Safe System Approach to Road Safety page to find out more information, or contact your closest Road Safety Advisor