First Aid Training and Response

"An integrated post-crash response can mitigate the short and long-term effects of a crash.

The effectiveness of emergency medical and rescue operations is critical in reducing deaths and injuries resulting from road crashes."

- Government of Western Australia, Driving Change: Road Safety Strategy for Western Australia 2020-2030,

Road Trauma Reponse

Improving post crash response reduces the impact of road crashes.

We know that when it comes to road trauma, time is an important factor. This is especially true in Western Australia where living (or travelling) in rural and remote areas can lead to delays in receiving medical attention after a crash.

One of the key ways WALGA's RoadWise can support improvements in road trauma response is to promote the uptake of first aid training by communities members, statewide.

Our aim is to promote the need for more local volunteer ambulance officers and engage with Local Emergency Mangement Committees which take a community-focused, coordinated approach to the management of potential emergencies in their Local Government area.

How Can You Help?

There are a few ways you can contibute to improved post crash response in your community:

Other training providers may also deliver first aid training in your region.


More Information

Your closest Regional Road Safety Advisor can provide more information about the importance of post crash response in preventing death and serious injuries.