Local Government Involvement

As system designers within the safe system framework, Local Governments have a strategic and operational road safety role as road managers, planning authorities and fleet managers, in addition to their community development and leadership roles.

Local Governments manage 87.2% of the road network[1], where 54% of all serious injury crashes occur[2]

Each year Local Governments in WA invest more than $900 million ($925.9 in 2019-20) on roads, with 52.8% of total road expenditure coming from Local Governments own resources.

Almost every journey begins and ends on local roads, with just under half (43%) of all travel occurring on local roads.

With close links to local communities, Local Governments can provide leadership and foster a partnership approach to address local road safety issues.

Safe System Resources for Local Government

WALGA’s RoadWise Program has developed a number of resources tailored to help Local Government’s plan and implement safe system initiatives at a local level.

To obtain electronic copies of any of these resources, please complete the download form or contact your closest Road Safety Advisor.

Safe System Toolkit for Local Government

The Safe System Toolkit was developed to assist Local Government in developing a strategic response to improve road safety in their local area and provides practical, evidence based solutions tailored to suit the sector.

The Toolkit was developed in consultation with the Local Government sector through a series of workshops. These workshops revealed that in general Local Government understand their role in road safety and creating a safe system, however, additional knowledge, skills and resources were required to implement this approach.

Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local GovernmentSafe System Guiding Principles Chart

The Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local Government are a set of principles designed to guide and support Local Governments in embracing the safe system approach to road safety.

The guiding principles were developed using a consensus process which involved an expert panel from the Local Government sector, together with local, national and international road safety professionals.

Essentially, the guiding principles provide direction and context with which to formulate strategies, plans and activities to improve road safety outcomes consistent with international best practice. The guiding principles build on past experience, work to add value to future activities and offer guidance to Local Governments in pursuit of innovation and effectiveness in the way they manage road safety.

Declaration for Road Safety

The Declaration for Road Safety stands as a voluntary opportunity for Local Governments and other agencies, to demonstrate a political commitment to work towards zero road fatalities and serious injuries, and to participate in a sector wide leadership approach.

It does not commit Local Governments to actions beyond current resources, standards or means, but provides a statement of intent and acknowledges the moral and ethical role Local Governments have in their communities.

Essentially, the Declaration provides an opportunity for local leaders to pledge to future generations that every road death is one too many.

The Declaration can be amended to suit individual needs and commitments, should they wish to strengthen its intent, or include locally relevant statements.

The Association encourages all Local Governments to demonstrate their commitment to working towards zero road fatalities and serious injuries through this Declaration.

The Declaration was developed based on:

  • Towards Zero - WA’s Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020
  • The Safe System Guiding Principles for Local Government (now the Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local Government)
  • The Moscow Declaration, from the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety

Who has signed a Declaration for Road Safety?

  • City of Bayswater
  • City of Bunbury
  • Shire of Cranbrook
  • City of Wanneroo
  • The WA Local Government Association (WALGA)

To obtain electronic and hard copies of any of these resources, please complete the download form.

[1] WALGA (2021) Report on Local Government Road Assets & Expenditure 2019/20, Perth. WALGA | Road Assets and Expenditure Report

[2] Road Safety Commission, 2016-2020 road crash data, pers comm., 15 December 2021.