Demonstration Project

In 2020, three Local Governments partnered with WALGA's RoadWise in an initiative which aimed to demonstrate the significant influence Local Governments can have in the prevention of road death and serious injury, through the adoption and application of best practice in road safety.

The Demonstration Project saw the Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup work closely with WALGA to embed a road safety management system, based on the safe system approach, for improving the safety performance of their local road network.

By putting a road safety management system in place, participating Local Governments were able to prioritise efforts and resources to guide actions to work towards a point in time where no harm occurs on local roads.

Local Governments participating in the demonstration project worked through a six-step process to embed a road safety management system into their organisation with the aim of establishing a clear road safety direction that was meaningful to staff, Councillors and the community:

  • Step 1 - Scope and context
  • Step 2 - Leadership
  • Step 3 - Planning
  • Step 4 - Implementation
  • Step 5 - Monitoring and evaluation
  • Step 6 - Continual improvement

International Standard for Road Traffic Safety Management System (ISO 39001)

The management system used in the delivery of the WALGA RoadWise Demonstration Project - Local Government Road Safety Management System was based on the International Standard for Road Traffic Safety Management System (ISO 39001).

This is believed to be the first example of Local Governments using ISO 39001 in Australia and showcased the Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup, within and outside the sector, as leaders in the application of best practice road safety.

Project Update

Establishing Road Safety Visions and Seeking Project Endorsement

Each participating Local Government commenced by scoping the project, establishing a long-term road safety vision and seeking Council or Executive endorsement to participate in the project. A detailed Elected Member and staff road safety survey and Scorecard was conducted to measure the current road safety knowledge, understanding and implementation of the safe system approach. The results will be used to identify possible barriers and opportunities for the implementation of a road safety management system. The survey was also a chance for Elected Members and staff to provide feedback and input into the process.

Mapping Existing Road Safety Policies, Programs and Procedures

A mapping exercise was conducted with the participating Local Governments, providing the opportunity for each to map existing Local Government policies, programs or procedures which either incorporate road safety outcomes or which could be strengthened to embed best practice road safety into Council business.

Planning Stage

WALGA’s RoadWise developed tools based on the International Standard of Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001) list of road traffic safety performance factors. Performance factors included best practice planning, design, construction and maintenance of the road network into relevant policies and guidelines, conducting a network-wide safety assessment of roads, providing crash protective roadsides to prevent run-off-road crashes, ensuring safe speeds and improving fleet safety practices.

These tools have been tailored and used to assist the Shire’s during the planning stage of the project, guiding them in the selection of road traffic safety performance factors they want to implement based on their agreed project scope, context and vision.

Shire of Manjimup Adopts a New Road Traffic Safety Policy

As part of the Shire of Manjimup’s participation in the project, and their commitment to reducing deaths and serious injuries on their road network, the Shire has endorsed a new Road Traffic Safety Policy at the 7 July 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting.  

The Policy was introduced to Council to ensure the Shire has a robust approach to road safety by embedding safe system methodology through the implementation of a Road Safety Management System across the Shire’s organisational activities.

Adopting an organisational road safety policy differs to a road safety strategy or plan because it embeds researched, evidence-based measures that are proven to reduce road deaths and serious injuries into the organisations everyday operations.

To WALGA’s knowledge, this policy is the first of its kind in Australia and WALGA commends the Shire of Manjimup on its commitment and leadership to reduce road deaths and serious injuries on its road network. A copy of the Policy can be found on the Shire of Manjimup’s website.

Emphasising Local Governments' Strategic Role in Road Safety

This project has strategic importance for the field of road safety and for the Local Government sector. There is growing recognition, at both national and state levels, that involving Local Governments in the implementation of the safe system approach (considered best practice) will be critical to achieving significant road safety gains for communities.

Representing a new direction for WALGA’s RoadWise, the project places a strategic emphasis on Local Governments’ role as road managers, planning authorities and fleet managers, in addition to their community development and leadership roles. It is complemented by existing partnerships between Regional Road Safety Advisors and the RoadWise or road safety committees that will remain in place. 

More Information

WALGA's RoadWise has developed the Safe System Planning Tool which sets out principles designed to guide and support Local Governments in embracing the safe system approach to road safety. Visit the Safe System Approach to Road Safety section of this website to find out more. 

Local Governments looking for support and advice on managing the road safety performance of their road network through a Road Safety Management System can visit the Road Safety Management System section of this website or contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor.