2016 Great Southern Road Safety Conference celebrates regional achievements

Posted on: Thursday, 28 July 2016 at 12:00:00 AM

2016 Great Southern Road Safety Conference celebrates regional achievements

The second annual Great Southern Road Safety Conference was recently held at the Cranbrook Sporting Club and was a great success.

Eight out of the 12 Local Governments in the region were represented at the conference, along with other members of the local road safety network including representatives from State Government agencies, private business, community members and WALGA staff.

Some of the key discussion points included methods to reduce speeding on gravel roads; strategic approaches to increase cycling safety; traffic policing in the Great Southern region; and the challenges and opportunities in working to improve the safety of novice drivers.

Feedback from the conference indicates 93% of attendees considered themselves more confident about implementing road safety initiatives in the future as a result of attending the conference. In addition, direct feedback indicated those in attendance relished the opportunity to hear local people sharing local experiences and talking about local road safety issues.

Pictured above: Cranbrook CEO Peter Northover and MLA Tuck Waldron getting to grips with the road safety quiz; Conference attendees make the most of the opportunity to share local road safety success and challenges.

Find out more about the 2016 Great Southern Road Safety Conference by contacting Road Safety Advisor Erin McDonald-Lee by phone, (08) 9892 1145 or email, emcdonald-lee@walga.asn.au.


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