#NoTxtNoWrecks message promoted

Posted on: Thursday, 18 August 2016 at 12:00:00 AM

#NoTxtNoWrecks message promoted

Surfing WA encouraged the surfing community to spread the No Txt No Wrecks message at their iconic Whalebone Classic event held in Cottesloe last month.

The event attracted more than 130 longboard surfer participants aged 14 to 68 years old as well as their friends, families and other members of the surfing community.

The campaign is aimed at educating drivers about the dangers of inattention, particularly texting while driving.

Surfing WA recognise that many of their members regularly drive around WA to take part in organised surfing events, whilst recreational surfers drive to various WA coastlines simply in search of waves.

Their aim is to encourage behavioural change in drivers who regularly or occasionally text and drive.

Drivers are encouraged to store their mobile phone away out of reach while driving and to help spread the No Txt No Wrecks message by using the #NoTxtNoWrecks hashtag and connecting with Surfing WA on social media.


Pictured above: The Towards Zero road safety trailer on display to help Surfing WA promote the No Txt No Wrecks message.

Connect with Surfing WA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/surf.westernaustralia and don't forget to incorporate the #NoTxtNoWrecks hashtag in your surfing posts.



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