Safety Improvements on Dampier Highway

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

The City of Karratha has been working to improve safety for pedestrians crossing Dampier Highway near Karratha Senior High School.

With the school, North Regional TAFE, Karratha Public Library and Leisureplex on one side of the highway and residential housing on the other side, there are plenty of reasons for people to cross Dampier Highway.

This can be a cause of concern with four lanes of busy road to cross.

After much negotiation, planning and trialling of different approaches, pedestrian-activated traffic lights have been installed to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and passing traffic.

The City of Karratha initially made sure pedestrians and drivers were given assistance where needed, with a ranger on site to provide information to pedestrians and message boards in place to warn traffic approaching the area.


Pictured above: Construction of traffic lights on Dampier Highway is now complete [Photo from the City of Karratha Facebook page].

For more information about road safety in the Pilbara, contact Senior Road Safety Consultant, Engel Prendergast on 9213 2060 or

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