Changing of the Guard at Toodyay RoadWise Committee

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

After five productive, committed, eventful and very funny years at the helm of the Toodyay RoadWise Committee, inaugural Chairman Max Heath is handing over the reigns to new Chairman, Bob Neville.

Highlights of Max’s time as chairman include voicing radio advertisements for the local 'Slow Down, Enjoy the Ride' campaign, featuring in a video which was shown at the 'Celebrating the Road Safety Network' event in May in 2016, engaging the community at every Toodyay Moondyne Festival and Agricultural Show during his five years in the role and involvement in many other road safety forums or events in the region.
Max negotiated with the Shire of Toodyay for a RoadWise shed at the Toodyay community depot, the acquisition of a crash motorbike trailer and initiated a 'gopher' safety day.

Max and his wife Millie have been involved with volunteer groups in Toodyay for many years; Max will continue to work with RoadWise to raise awareness of road safety issues in Toodyay and will be a familiar and friendly face at future events.
Incoming Toodyay RoadWise Committee Chairman Bob Neville has been a member of the committee for more than a year, following a move from South Hedland to Toodyay in 2015. Bob previously worked for Bloodwood Tree Association and was Deputy Mayor and Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland. Bob was also chair of the Hedland RoadWise Committee.

Bob’s experience and passion for road safety will spur the Committee on to further achievements in the coming years.


Pictured above: Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson, incoming Toodyay RoadWise Committee chairman Bob Neville and outgoing chairman Max Heath.

Contact Road Safety Advisor, Cliff Simpson on 0409 686 138 to find out how you can get involved in road safety in the Weatbelt North region.


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