Targeting Travel Speeds and Encouraging Safe Driving in the City of Mandurah

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Data collected through the displays indicate that in the short term, these displays have had a positive impact on driver awareness and reducing travel speeds. 

The City has developed a schedule of locations and dates for the speed radar displays, with poles already installed at these locations. The poles display a 50km/h speed sign when not being used for the speed radar display. The units can be programmed to display a happy face (pictured below) or sad face, depending on the speed drivers are traveling at (whether under or over the speed limit).

The City is also investigating the purchase of computer software that can download data from the units to be analysed as part of future planning.

As part of its commitment to community road safety, and in conjunction with local police and the Mandurah RoadWise Committee, the City also urged residents to obey road rules and drive safely ahead of Fatality Free Friday on 26 May.  Residents were asked to visit  to sign an online pledge or alternatively visit a signing booth at the City’s administration building.



Pictured above: One of the City of Mandurah's mobile speed radar displays helping remind drivers to slow down; Local police join members of the Mandurah RoadWise Committee to encourage local drivers to sign the online pledge as part of Fatality Free Friday on 26 May. 

For more information about the mobile speed radar displays, please contact Scott Lambie, Engineer - Traffic and Transport, via email at Find out more about the activities of the Mandurah RoadWise Committee by visiting

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