Bringing together Neighbourhood Watch and Safe Vehicles

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Sixty vehicles were fitted with anti-theft number plate screws when members of Gosnells District Neighbourhood Watch set up shop in the Armadale Bunnings car park last month.

Those who visited the group’s display were also given the opportunity to find out about vehicle safety features, how to know what cars are safest and how to keep cars safe.

Vehicle safety features can be active features that assist in avoiding a crash in the first place (electronic stability control, autonomous emergency braking) or passive features that better protect vehicle occupants in the event of a crash (airbags, seatbelts, head restraints).


Pictured above: Gosnells District Neighbourhood Watch promoting safe vehicles and vehicle safety at Bunnings.

Find out more about vehicle safety features (, road safety in the Armadale area (,  or the Gosnells District Neighbourhood Watch ( by visiting the links provided.

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