Driver Reviver Teams Out in Force for Fatigue Cause

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

The Lions Club Carnarvon and Carnarvon Roadwise Committee joined forces for a Driver Reviver operation 80km south of Carnarvon - providing free tea, coffee, biscuits and some homemade cakes to help drivers avoid fatigue. 

It was a fun and successful day, with more than 60 vehicles and some trucks stopping to say hello, have a cuppa and a chat. The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee can't wait for the next Driver Reviver operation and to work with the Lions Club again!

A big thank you to the Lions Club volunteers for a great day - Jenny & Barry Gard, Bill Smith, Ella & John, John & Tammy Maitre - you are amazing.



Pictured above: The Carnarvon Driver Reviver crew celebrate a successful operation on 1 July; Bomber Parsons, Steve Palin, Tom Elligate and Joe Duina at the Cranbrook Driver Reviver site.
The Cranbrook Bush Fire Brigade took the reins of the Cranbrook Driver Reviver on Friday, 2June, offering weary travellers a warm greeting, a crackling fire and even an egg and bacon roll, in addition to the usual coffee and tea.

Cranbrook RoadWise Committee stalwarts, Pam Bullock, Jeff Alderton and Sue Palin were on hand to show the fire brigade boys (pictured) the ropes of running a Driver Reviver.

This site has been running at its current location as a joint operation between the Cranbrook and Plantagenet RoadWise Committees for a number of years now. The Committees take turns to run the site, maximising the number of long weekends where a service is being provided by a dedicated team of volunteers.

If you’re heading away, plan your trip in advance and check which Driver Reviver sites are operating on your route so you can Stop. Revive. Survive. The volunteers would love to have a cuppa with you. Visit the RoadWise website for more information about the Driver Reviver and Coffee Stop programs.

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