Promoting Road Safety Partnerships in the South West

Posted on: Monday, 21 August 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

The focus was on raising awareness of the impacts of drink and drug driving and providing important standard drinks information. It also provided an opportunity for RoadWise to promote the local road safety network, of which St John Ambulance are an important partner.

RoadWise and local road safety committees are active throughout the South West. The committees provide a regular forum where local road safety issues can be discussed and where a network of people can work to develop and deliver community based strategies.




Pictured above: A standard drinks pouring activity formed part of the RoadWise display at the St John Ambulance South West Regional Conference, held in Busselton.

If your area does not have a RoadWise Committee or you would like to get involved with an established committee in the South West region, email Road Safety Advisor Nicky Smith or call 0438 982 563.

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