Innovative Upgrade to Wongan Hills Parking Facilities to Address Safety Concerns

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Over the years there had been a number of crashes involving shoppers reversing out of angled parking bays.

The road safety issue was around restricted views past other parked cars and the fact that when reversing from standard 60 degree bays, cars are reversing into the middle of the carriageway.
Council approved a change to the angle of the parking bays to alleviate this problem; the bays are now set at 45 degrees which means when reversing, cars have much better vision around them and are not obstructing the main thoroughfare when reversing.

Bays were increased to three metres in width for better driver and passenger access, and the bitumen was coloured red as another visual cue for through traffic. The change to the parking angle resulted in only four fewer parking bays.
A speed hump was installed as a traffic calming device and to direct pedestrians to the best crossing place from the shops across to the Community Resource Centre.

Pictured above: An aerial view of the upgrade to parking facilities at Fenton Place, Wongan Hills.

For more information about road safety in the Wheatbelt North region, email Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson, or call 0409 686 138.

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