Planning Out Fatigue at the Junction Races

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

The Junction Races have been held every year since 1947 at the Junction Race Club in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne.

A variety of events attract visitors from far and wide who often drive long distances before and after the event.

The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee identified the need to ensure race goers were aware of the dangers of driver fatigue and strategies they could use to prevent it.

Lions Club members handed out information about recognising signs of fatigue, how to prevent fatigue and maps detailing rest area locations throughout the state.

Race goers were also given the opportunity to test their knowledge by completing a fatigue quiz, for the chance to win a swag.

The main focus of the message was to plan trips well and include regular rest stops along the way.

The Carnarvon Lions Club is committed to improving road safety in the region and runs a Driver Reviver operation during the year, providing free tea, coffee, biscuits and the chance to have a chat when travelling through the Gascoyne region.

Photo caption: Quiz winner Kim Jackson with Tracey and Mark from music duo Leather and Lace, next to Kim’s bus.

For more information about road safety in Carnarvon, visit

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