Elephants Never Forget - Don’t Drive Tired

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Elephants Never Forget - Don’t Drive Tired

To complement the RAC (WA) “Elephant in the Wheatbelt” campaign, community members across the Wheatbelt recently created their own elephant road safety displays.

One such project was carried out in the Shire of Northam by Karen Ducat of Swanhill Farm, Jennapullin, who has produced elephants from corrugated iron and decorated them.

The artworks, which were designed by youth groups and display road safety reminders, can be seen on fence lines and gates around the Shire.
Fatigue is often referred to as the “silent killer” and has emerged as a major contributing factor to single vehicle run-off road crashes in the region. It’s a fact that after 17 hours awake, your brain slows down and needs sleep - particularly, those parts of the brain that control judgement, attention and visual function.1
Karen Ducat said, “Fatigue management is such an important message to get out there, especially to our young drivers and during the busy harvest season. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project.”

Pictured above: Corrugated iron elephants displaying the 'Dont Drive Tired' message.

WA Road Safety Commission, https://www.rsc.wa.gov.au/Your-Safety/Safety-Topics/Fatigue14 November 2017.

Email Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson (csimpson@walga.asn.au) or call 0409 686 138 to find out how you can get involved in addressing road safety issues in the Wheatbelt North region.

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