Road Safety Goes to the Bull Creek Block Party

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Road Safety Goes to the Bull Creek Block Party

As part of Safer Melville Month, the City of Melville Road Safety and TravelSmart Working Group recently teamed up with Melville Neighbourhood Watch to talk about road safety and TravelSmart with local residents at the Block Party in Bull Creek.  

The focus was on promoting the share the roads and driver fatigue messages, with visitors encouraged to enter a competition to win a 'don't drive tired' pack by testing their driver fatigue knowledge.
Visitors to the stand were also able to register for the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter with many taking advantage of the opportunity to receive regular updates about road safety activities being undertaken across the state.
Pictured above: Working Group members Evan Biggs and Udeni Gunasekera with Pawan Tiwari, Team Leader Community Service at the Bull Creek Block Party.

For more information on road safety in the City of Melville visit

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