New Road Safety Audit Training Course and Portal Website Launched

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

New Road Safety Audit Training Course and Portal Website Launched

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) / Main Roads WA Road Safety Audit Panel are pleased to announce the launch of our new online road safety audit training course and newly redeveloped Road Safety Audit Portal website.

The new online training is a resource for individuals interested in becoming an accredited road safety auditor in Western Australia and provides a valuable resource for people who want to learn about the wide selection of topics covered in this extensive training resource.
The course comprises 23 online competency assessed modules and retains the practical application of the road safety audit process from the previously delivered course. The flexible course delivery means that users can self-register and enrol online via the Road Safety Audit Portal website and either choose to complete the whole course or choose to select any of the individual module topics covered in the course.
The new Road Safety Portal website has also been redeveloped to provide access to this vital training resource for road safety auditors and those interested in road safety audits/auditing throughout Western Australia. The new Portal also provides training and audit experience summaries for all accredited road safety auditors practicing in Western Australia to assist organisations appoint suitably qualified and experienced road safety auditors.

Visit the portal at to find our more about the online road safety audit training course. 

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