City of Karratha Reminds Drivers About Speed Limits

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

The City of Karratha recently used social media to remind drivers about speed limits in the City, including the 40km/h speed limit in the central business district.

Local Governments play a vital role in improving road safety for their communities. Lower speed limits in targeted areas like central business districts and shopping strips, road safety is enhanced with speeds closer to that which can be survived by vulnerable road users in the event of a crash. Lower speed limits also allow more time for road users to react to situations or hazards.

Providing the community with speed limit information, including easy to interpret maps, helps to raise awareness and understanding of the role speed plays in road crashes.


Pictured above: The City of Karratha shared a map on social media which outlines speed limit zones in the City.

Visit the RoadWise website at to find out more about safe speed related activities and initiatives.

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