Denmark Sober Super Hero Project

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Denmark Sober Super Hero Project

The Denmark Sober Super Hero project has been underway for a number of months and the road safety initiative is being thoroughly embraced by the local community.

Ten on the spot prizes donated by local businesses have now been handed out by Denmark Police, who are rewarding those who blow a 0.00 blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Passengers are not missing out either. Those who have chosen to ride with a driver who blows zero are given the chance to enter the draw to win a swag at the completion of the project.

The project will continue until Easter, with many more on the spot prizes to be given out between now and then. Remember, if you’re driving, no alcohol is the safest choice. Be a sober superhero.


Pictured above: Denmark sober superheroes are rewarded with a prize donated by local businesses (for the driver) and an entry form to win a swag (for the passengers).

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