Pounding the Streets to Check Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Pounding the Streets to Check Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

Members of the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee recently took to local streets to conduct a walkability audit, working with seniors, families with young children, local business and others in the community to identify areas of concern for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

The group walked the areas of concern identified by the community, taking photos and making notes of potential hazards and barriers to travelling safely as a vulnerable road user.

Information collected during the audit will be compiled into a report for consideration by agency representatives, with a view to making safety improvements for the Carnarvon community.

The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee is comprised of representatives from Local Government, State Government agencies, local business and community groups.




Pictured above: Carnarvon RoadWise Committee members inspecting some of the identified sites during the walkability audit; Carnarvon RoadWise Committee members with local resident Mrs Smith who provided some valuable input.

For more information about the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee and their local road safety activities, visit https://www.facebook.com/CarnarvonRoadwise/.

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