Workplaces Focus on Road Safety in the Lead up to Christmas

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Workplaces Focus on Road Safety in the Lead up to Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, there has been an increased focus on road safety, with workplaces in the Metropolitan South region keen to ensure employees have the information they need to be safe road users at this busy time of year.

Civmec and Technip teamed up with WALGA’s RoadWise to deliver a variety of activities including road safety presentations, quizzes, displays and interactive activities such as standard drink pouring and fatal vision goggles tools.
Providing road safety education opportunities to staff is one way organisations can implement one of the seven elements of a fleet safety policy.
The seven elements of a fleet safety policy include:

  1. Integrating fleet safety policies into an occupational safety and health framework
  2. Taking safety into account when recruiting and selecting new staff
  3. Developing a fleet safety induction for staff
  4. Informed choice based on safety when purchasing and maintaining fleets
  5. Data collection on fleet, operators and incidences
  6. Reinforcement of fleet safety through incentives and disincentives
  7. Training, education and development programs.


Pictured above: WALGA RoadWise Senior Road Safety Consultant Engel Prendergast discusses road safety with Technip employees.

For more information about how you can improve road safety in your workplace contact your nearest Road Safety Advisor

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