Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barriers Installed on Chittering Road

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM


Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barriers Installed on Chittering Road

The risk of vehicle run-off-road crashes at three locations on Chittering Road in the Avon Valley has been reduced, following the installation of new road treatments by the Shire of Chittering. 

In 2017 the Shire of Chittering received Federal and State Government Black Spot Program funding to address the issue of run-off-road crashes in the area. Combined with funds budgeted by the Shire, $428,000 was allocated to the project, which incorporated “rub rails” below the standard W section guardrail to protect motorcycle riders from impacts with the safety barrier supports.

Chittering Road is part of a favourite motorcycle touring route through the Avon Valley and the three locations feature winding roads and steep drop-offs. 
More than 1.5km of guardrail has been installed to date, with more scheduled for installation next financial year.

The intent is to make these roads as safe for motorcyclists as possible, whilst retaining the quality of the ride. Using a safe system approach, the Shire of Chittering is aiming to minimise injury in the event of motorcyclists coming off their motorcycles. The project includes reconstruction of the road surface, setting appropriate speed limits, installing and retro-fitting guardrails at suitable locations, installation of longitudinal centre lines and edge lines, plus community education.
Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia representative Dave Wright said, “Retro fitting of rub rails on W beam barriers is a definite yes, when done correctly and a good idea to help stop motorcycles and their riders from hitting the posts if they leave the road."

"The Avon Valley hosts the first Australian Motorcycle Friendly Region, launched in April 2017, and the Shire of Chittering is to be congratulated for its commitment to motorcycle road safety.” he said. 


Pictured above: The rub rails installed below the standard W section guardrails on Chittering Road aim to better protect motorcycle riders; Toodyay RoadWise Committee’s crash trailer helps reinforce road safety messages whilst deployed opposite the Cola Café in Toodyay - a favourite destination in Avon Motorcycle Friendly Region.


Find out more about the Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region by visiting If you'd like to get involved in addressing road safety issues in the Wheatbelt North region, email Road Safety Advisor, Cliff Simpson at or call 0409 686 138.

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