City of Melville Gears up for Bike Week

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 March 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

City of Melville Gears up for Bike Week

The City of Melville Road Safety and TravelSmart Committee is promoting cycling safety during bike week this month, with the Let’s Glow Riding 2018 event to be held tomorrow night (Wednesday, 21
March) at Deep Water Point.

The event encourages riders of every age and ability to light up their bikes and come for a leisurely ride with others in the community. Let’s Glow Riding promotes the importance of visibility while cycling and encourages participants to share the space with others.

This event is just is one of the City's many initiatives designed to promote alternative modes of travel and encourage safe use of local roads.

Pictured above: The Let’s Glow Riding event promotes the importance of visibility while cycling and encourages participants to share the space with others.

For more information about road safety in the City of Melville, visit

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