Choose Your Ride - Arrive Alive

Posted on: Thursday, 19 April 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Choose Your Ride - Arrive Alive

Easter is a time for coming together and this year the Bunbury and Busselton RoadWise Committees joined forces to collectively ask the community “what is an acceptable level of road trauma?”

By asking this question, members of the respective RoadWise committees wanted to challenge the belief that road trauma is inevitable and in turn, generate support and involvement in local road safety initiatives.

The Choose Your Ride – Arrive Alive Easter road safety campaign was focused on drink driving but also incorporated fatigue, speeding, seatbelt use and distraction messages.

Sergeant Craig Clarke, Officer in Charge South West Traffic, said the message was simple, if you are going to drink, plan not to drive. Choose Your Ride, arrange a designated driver, ask someone to collect you, call a taxi, or stay overnight.

The campaign also reminded members of the community to:

  • plan ahead if drinking - arrange a designated driver or call a taxi
  • travel at a safe speed by driving to the conditions of the road and
  • obeying the speed limit
  • buckle up when travelling in a vehicle
  • take a break or swap drivers to prevent fatigue
  • turn off your mobile phone before driving

Councillor Karen Steele, Chair of the Bunbury RoadWise Committee, reminded motorists that double demerits would be in force over the Easter long weekend.

“We all need to share the responsibility for road safety and work together towards zero deaths and serious injuries.” Councillor Steele said.



Pictured above: The Bunbury and Busselton RoadWise Committees joined forces this Easter to collectively ask the community “what is an acceptable level of road trauma?”

Contact Road Safety Advisor Nicola Smith on mob: 0438 982 563 or email to find out how you can contribute to road safety actions in the South West.

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