RoadWise Team Visits the Constable Care Safety School

Posted on: Thursday, 19 April 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

RoadWise Team Visits the Constable Care Safety School

The RoadWise team recently participated in a site visit to the Constable Care Safety School to explore the interactive road safety activities.

The Safety School opened in 2017 and is a unique experience for primary school aged children to learn more about road safety in an interactive environment.

The Safety School allows children to experience the road, footpath and public transport network in a safe environment and aims to teach children to identify safety hazards and how to respond, as well as general safety behaviours on the road.

At the Constable Care Safety School, children can participate in road and transport hazards, having the opportunity to navigate through situations as both a pedestrian and a cyclist, imitating vehicles on the road.

The RoadWise team site visit included a close up look at the road and transport experiences as well as participation in augmented reality exercises to learn through play.


Pictured above: Road Safety Advisors Rodney Thornton, Greg Hayes, and Cliff Simpson take part in one of the road safety activities at the Constable Care School.

For more information on the Constable Care Safety School visit

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