Car Yoga Demonstration Targets Driver Fatigue

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Car Yoga Demonstration Targets Driver Fatigue

Staff at the City of Greater Geraldton participated in an initiative to encourage drivers to stop and take a break from driving at least every two hours during long journeys to help prevent fatigue. 

Increasing knowledge and awareness about driver fatigue and avoiding micro-sleeps were the primary drivers for the car yoga session, which was designed by local yoga instructor Suzanne Ottersen to suit all age groups and ability levels. 

Fourteen stretching poses were performed by the participating staff. Some stretches were conducted outside the vehicle, using the vehicle for support and balance, along with some positions in a stationary, safely parked vehicle (off the road). 

Images taken during the yoga session will be used in a promotional brochure, listing simple instructions for all car yoga moves.


Pictured above: City of Greater Geraldton staff learn car yoga as part of driver fatigue awareness sessions. 

Contact Road Safety Advisor, Sam Adams on 0419 953 583 or email to find out how your Local Government or organisation can implement targeted road safety initiatives or projects.

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