City of Mandurah Launch Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) Program

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

City of Mandurah Launch Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) Program

The City of Mandurah recently launched the RYDE program in partnership with the Peel Volunteer Resource Centre and a wide range of local youth service providers.

Mandurah’s young novice drivers who have barriers to accessing a car or an adult to complete their 50 hours of supervised driving experience, can now benefit from this program. 

The local branch of the Bendigo Bank donated a 5 star ANCAP rated vehicle for the young novice drivers and volunteer driving mentors for the RYDE program.

The RYDE program is a response developed by the Town of Bassendean to the Western Australian Government’s change from 25 to 50 supervised driving hours in November 2012.

This change was as a result of research showing that the main cause of novice drivers being involved in a crash was inexperience. It takes time to develop the skills and abilities needed to become a good driver, and novice driver crashes usually occur because new drivers simply make mistakes. The increase in recorded supervised driving hours provides novice drivers greater opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and develop good driving behaviours.

Mandurah RoadWise Committee members attended the launch of the RYDE program to promote the M8 the call can W8 driver distraction campaign and the Community Safe Speed Promise to novice drivers.

In the South West, in the five-year period of 2012-2016, 20% of those killed or seriously injured are aged 17 to 24 years old.1



Pictured above: The RYDE program was launched in Mandurah this month.

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The RYDE program is also being considered for the Bunbury and Busselton areas in the near future. For more information visit

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