Used Car Safety Rating Brochure Now Available

Posted on: Thursday, 25 October 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Used Car Safety Rating Brochure Now Available

The latest Used Car Safety Ratings Buyers Guide has been released, helping buyers to identify the safest, affordable second-hand car for them.

Launched last month, the 2018/19 Used Car Safety Ratings Buyer’s Guide provides buyers with safety ratings on second-hand vehicles to help them choose a vehicle with the best driver protection and greatest number of safety features.
Some vehicles can significantly reduce your chance of being seriously injured in a crash, and can even help avoid a crash altogether. Safety features can also offer good protection to other road users, such as people walking and cycling if the vehicle was to collide with them.
The safety ratings provided in the new Guide are based on the latest data from real world crashes and are evidence by rigorous research.


Pictured above: 2018-19 Used Car Safety Ratings Buyer’s Guide.

To find out more, visit the How Safe is Your Car website; and to download the Guide, visit;


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