Ride Along Tour of the City of Stirling Bicycle Boulevard (Safe Active Streets)

Posted on: Monday, 26 November 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

The City of Stirling and GTA Consultants hosted a ride along of the Moorland Street Bicycle Boulevard to share the successes and innovations of the completed Stage 1 and the progress of Stage 2.

Close to 20 participants from other Local Governments, GTA Consultants, Curtin University and WALGA's RoadWise participated in the ride through. Also participating was City of Stirling Mayor, Mark Irwin and Councillor Stephanie Proud.

The group rode from the City of Stirling Civic Building, entered and rode the completed Stage 1 (Odin Road to Huntriss Road) and then continued through the partially completed Stage 2 (Moorland Street from Huntriss Road to Grand Promenade).

The ride through provided an opportunity to see the infrastructure which has been incorporated into the Bike Boulevard and to find out more about the process, construction and safety initiatives incorporated into the boulevard, with GTA Consultants happy to answer questions.

City of Stirling staff facilitated a discussion about the City’s process, lessons learnt during and post construction and the purpose of the route.




Pictured above: City of Stirling Ride Through participants riding the Bike Boulevard; Works still to be completed on Stage 2.

Visit https://www.bwa.org.au/better-biking/infrastructure/bicycle-boulevards/ to find out more about bicycle boulevards. 

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