Orontide: Promoting Road Safety Across the Pilbara, Metropolitan and South West Regions

Posted on: Monday, 26 November 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Road safety was front and centre during Safe Work Australia Week at Orontide sites across the State during October.

Using WALGA’s RoadWise Program resources, Orontide employees were able to learn about the effects of alcohol on driving ability and other road safety topics as part of the organisation’s Road Safety Day.

The Towards Zero Road Safety Display Trailer provided a variety of information, whilst the fatal vision goggles and electronic skill tester provided practical experiences on how alcohol affects your vision and reaction skills.

Improving workplace road safety can increase productivity, and reduce lost time injuries and organisational costs. Most importantly, it protects what is most valuable – people.



Photos: Orontide employees check out road safety information and learn more about the effects of alcohol on vision and reflexes. 

To find out how you can incorporate road safety programs into your workplace, contact your closest Road Safety Advisor(https://www.roadwise.asn.au/contact-roadwise.aspx)

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