City of Rockingham Plans its Way Towards Zero

Posted on: Monday, 28 October 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

To better align to the objectives of the WA road safety strategy, the City of Rockingham, with the guidance from its RoadWise Advisory Committee, has a new three-year road safety action plan.

The plan has been developed, with input from the Committee, in accordance with the safe system approach to road safety and will work towards zero serious injury and fatal crashes within the City.

The plan outlines actions that will work towards reducing road crash forces to a level that people are not killed or seriously injured such as:

  • addressing black spots on the network
  • developing and reviewing policies around road safety audits and fleet vehicles
  • undertaking a speed limit review
  • separating vulnerable road users from vehicles, and
  • implementing a comprehensive community education and communication plan.

The City's Road Safety Action Plan 2019-2022 aligns with the City’s Strategic Community Plan and will be promoted within the community. The RoadWise Advisory Committee is tasked with providing guidance on its implementation and performance.



Pictured above: The City of Rockingham's Road Safety Action Plan 2019-22 outlines actions that will work towards zero serious injury and fatal crashes within the City. 

For more information about road safety in the City of Rockingham, visit the RoadWise website at

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