Promoting 5-star Cars at the York Motor Show

Posted on: Monday, 28 October 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

The Vintage Car Club of WA promoted Safe Vehicles at its annual York event.

The York Motor Show received a Government of Western Australia Road Safety Community Grant to promote 5-star safety rated cars to showgoers.

Event organiser Gary Byfield said, “While most of the cars on display pre-date the crash tests for occupant protection and crash avoidance, we know that vintage car enthusiasts would never take risks with their pride and joy.” There were 250 vehicles on display, and 2000 people attended.
“We brought together the oldest car in the show, a 1910 International Harvester, and the newest, a 5-star 2018 Skoda Octavia."

"The standard Octavia has nine airbags and Autonomous Emergency Braking. By comparison, the Harvester has no windscreen or doors and little more than a handbrake! Imported from Chicago, USA, the Harvester was the original all-terrain vehicle. There are three known to be in WA."
“While safety features on vehicles of yesteryear were virtually non-existent, these days crash avoidance features help drivers to stay on the road (with lane assist), travel at safe speeds and following distances with adaptive cruise control, and some also include blind spot detection,” Garry said.



Pictured above: Ross Ainsworth, owner of the Harvester, and event organisers Tricia and Gary Byfield at the 5-star car display.

Help promote the importance of driving the safest vehicle possible. Promote the Australasian New Car Assessment Program website ( and the Used Car Safety Ratings Guide 2019 ( to your local networks and community. 

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