Road Safety on Show in Yilgarn

Posted on: Monday, 28 October 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

The Yilgarn Agricultural Society Inc. received a Government of Western Australia Road Safety Community Grant to promote the 'Don’t Trust Your Tired Self' message at the recent Yilgarn Show.

Driver fatigue is a contributing factor in killed and serious injury crashes on Wheatbelt roads1. These crashes are typified by vehicles running off the road to the left, or veering right into oncoming traffic, with no sign that the driver braked.
At the RoadWise display, a group of local lads stopped to have a chat about the facts about drink driving. The latest statistics from Police and Main Roads WA show that death and serious injury with alcohol involvement are trending down, with the biggest improvement in the 17-19 age bracket.
The lads tried to catch a drink cooler while wearing fatal vision goggles, which gives the impression of having a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .07. The activity reinforced how alcohol makes us lose coordination, but the impairment from drinking alcohol (or using drugs) doesn’t wear off so quickly. It was a quick reminder that if you plan to drink, plan your ride home, organise a skipper, bring your swag, but don’t drink and drive.
The other hot topic of the day was the vision of zero fatalities and serious injuries from crashes.

To round out the activities, visitors to the RoadWise display were also invited to enter a road safety quiz by answering ten road safety questions, such as "What is the penalty for using a mobile phone when driving?". (Answer: $400 and 3 demerits.)

The first correct entry drawn out of the hat belonged to Tommo Martin, who won a $50 BP fuel voucher.

Pictured above: Local lads taking the time to learn more about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the Yilgarn Show. 
1Government of Western Australia, Road Safety Commission, Regional Statistics (Wheatbelt);
To find out how you can get involved in addressing road safety issues in the Wheatbelt North region, email Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson or call 0409 686 138.

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