Child Car Restraint Update

Posted on: Friday, 13 December 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

In good news for road safety and the environment, a newly formed SeatCare program is expected to commence in 2020, providing families, carers and others with an environmentally sustainable way to dispose of their old child car restraints.

Equilibrium, sustainability and environmental management consultants, are co-designing and building the SeatCare program as an industry-led product stewardship scheme to deal with unwanted child car restraints.

With a targeted launch date of mid-2020, SeatCare will provide a free and environmentally-friendly option for disposing of old child car restraints.

By collecting and disassembling the seats on-site, the program aims to divert in excess of 900 tonnes of waste away from landfill and back into the recycling stream.
Visit to find out more about this new initiative.

For advice and information about the use of child car restraints in Western Australia, call the WALGA RoadWise child car restraint information line on 1300 780 713 or visit

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