‘Growing Safer Roads, Together’

Posted on: Friday, 24 July 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is taking a more strategic direction when looking at road safety; engaging in a variety of initiatives aimed at addressing local road safety issues.

Part of this direction includes reducing excess and inappropriate speed on local roads. Earlier this year, the Shire loaned the WALGA RoadWise Courtesy Speed Display Signs (CSDS). Following this trial, signs were purchased and have been deployed on streets where speed has been identified as a road safety issue.

The signs provide a visual cue, alerting the driver as to whether they are driving above the posted speed limit. This educational tool complements other valuable work being undertaken, such as traffic calming measures and speed limit reviews, aimed at reducing travel speeds on local roads and improving safety for all road users.


Pictured above: The Shire's Facebook page is a useful tool to promote road safety messages and inform the community.

Find out more about the WALGA RoadWise Courtesy Speed Display Signs by visiting https://www.roadwise.asn.au/courtesy-speed-display-signs.aspx.

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