Working Towards Safe Speeds in Waroona

Posted on: Friday, 24 July 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

The Shire of Waroona community is taking a stand against excessive speed on problematic roads in the region, through the installation of Courtesy Speed Display Signs (CSDS).

Shire President, Mike Walmsley said excessive speed is a common issue raised by residents.

“Studies indicate that the CSDS reduce the overall average speed of vehicles by up to nine kilometres per hour and will act as an effective tool to address speed reduction and community concerns.”

The CSD Signs have been installed at Willowdale Road in the first instance, prior to being moved on an eight week rotation as part of the Alcoa Speed Reduction Program. The rotation schedule includes problematic roads located in Waroona, Hamel, Preston Beach and Lake Clifton town sites.

“Being several kilometres over the limit increases the risk of a crash and the severity of injury. The speed warning display signs are intended to act as a reminder to observe the local speed limits so we can all hopefully return home safely,” Wagerup Community Relations Manager, Tom Busher said.



Pictured above: Mike Walmsley (President, Shire of Waroona), Simon Bennett (Officer in Charge Waroona Police Station), Scott Hansen (Alcoa Wagerup Refinery representative) and Justin Holister (Shire of Waroona Technical Officer).

The Alcoa Speed Reduction Program is supported by the Alcoa Community Partnership Program, the Shire of Waroona and Waroona police in efforts to reduce speed and keep the community safe.

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