Road safety at TropiCool

Posted on: Friday, 19 June 2015 at 12:00:00 AM

The interactive display focused on the importance of wearing helmets and seatbelts as well as the dangers of driver distraction.
There were activities for kids to encourage them to wear helmets when riding their bikes and seatbelts when in the car, with giveaways to remind them of the messages they had heard.
Adults completed a quiz which saw many get stumped when asked to list three different types of driver distraction. This provided a great opportunity for discussion.
With many of the participants being backpackers and other travellers, the importance of remoteness, limited emergency services and sharing the roads with others was also emphasised.
Carnarvon TropiCool 2015
Pictured above: Andrea Pitcher, Steve Rankin, Jerolina Rankin & Andre Paulino at the TropiCOOL road safety display.

If you would like to arrange a road safety display or promotion in your community, contact your closest Road Safety Advisor who can assist with resources, statistics and other valuable road safety information.

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