Swan RoadWise Committee promotes Motorcycle Safety Week 2015

Posted on: Friday, 20 November 2015 at 12:00:00 AM

Swan RoadWise Committee promotes Motorcycle Safety Week 2015

To coincide with the launch of Motorcycle Safety Week 2015, which commenced on 30 October, the Swan RoadWise Committee set up a motorcycle and scooter safety display at the City of Swan administration office to raise awareness of the benefits of wearing protective clothing whilst riding.

Swan Motorcycle and scooter display 2015

Pictured above: The City of Swan motorcycle display.

On a per kilometre travelled basis, motorcyclists are approximately 26 times as likely as passenger vehicle occupants to be killed or seriously injured.1

In response to these statistics, a banner and various brochures have been made available to the public which include information about the type of protective clothing to wear and the ways in which the right clothing can help protect the body.

Other information provided at the display includes advice on how to safely maintain your motorcycle or scooter. A DVD is also available from the Motorcycle Riders Association WA that shows important tips and techniques for safe riding.

1Road Safety Commission, Motorcyclists Fact Sheet, http://rsc.wa.gov.au/Documents/Motorcyclists/ors-motorcyclists-fact-sheet.aspx, accessed 30/10/2015.

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