Leadership in Road Safety Management Demonstration Project Update

Published on Monday, 25 October 2021 at 4:38:00 PM


With the aim of establishing a clear road safety direction that is meaningful to staff, Councillors and the community, the project is based on the International Standard of Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001).

The Shires of Manjimup, Dardanup and Esperance are progressing to next phase.
Each participating Local Government commenced by scoping the project, establishing a long-term road safety vision and seeking Council or Executive endorsement to participate in the project. A detailed Elected Member and staff road safety survey and Scorecard was conducted to measure the current road safety knowledge, understanding and implementation of the safe system approach. The results will be used to identify possible barriers and opportunities for the implementation of a road safety management system. The survey was also a chance for Elected Members and staff to provide feedback and input into the process.
Most recently, a mapping exercise provided the opportunity for each Local Government to map existing Local Government policies, programs or procedures which either incorporate road safety outcomes or which could be strengthened to embed best practice road safety into Council business.
Participating Local Governments will soon move to the planning stage of the project. The International Standard of Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001) includes a list of road traffic safety performance factors which WALGA’s RoadWise has used to develop tailored tools to assist the Shires of Manjimup, Dardanup and Esperance in this planning stage.
These tools will assist the Local Governments to select the road traffic safety performance factors they want to implement based on their agreed project scope, context and vision. Performance factors could comprise the inclusion of best practice planning, design, construction and maintenance of the road network into relevant policies and guidelines, conducting a network-wide safety assessment of roads, providing crash protective roadsides to prevent run-off road crashes, ensuring safe speeds and improving fleet safety practices. Once implemented and monitored, this will help showcase Esperance, Manjimup and Dardanup as national leaders in the application of best practice road safety management and adoption of ISO39001.

WALGA is now in the early stages of offering support and advice to other Local Governments wishing to manage the road safety performance of their road network. Visit this website for more information.

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