Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign 2021

Published on Monday, 25 October 2021 at 1:00:00 PM

From Sunday, 21 November (World Day of Remembrance for Road traffic Victims) until Friday, 7 January 2022, WALGA’s RoadWise encourages all members of the road safety network to think about how road trauma has impacted their communities and what part they can play in making our roads safe by:

  • Downloading, wearing and sharing a Road Ribbon for Road Safety®.
  • Distributing road ribbons through a counter display or at local events.
  • Hosting a Road Ribbon for Road Safety® event or incorporating the messages into existing events.
  • Erecting a road safety display promoting the campaign and its messages.
  • Supporting local road safety initiatives being implemented by Local Governments and RoadWise Committees.
  • Using local media, organisation websites and social media accounts to promote the campaign messages in your local community
  • Telling people about the campaign and promoting road safety messages.
  • Acknowledging that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads is achievable.

Start planning now if you would like to be involved in the campaign.

Whether you participate every year, haven’t for a while or this will be your first-time, start thinking about what you could do this year. For ideas, resources and tools visit here and download the free Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Kit.  

This year RoadWise encourages using ribbons from previous year's campaigns and/or e-ribbons available to download for free via the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® QR code or website. Free road ribbons are still available to order via the online form if you need them.

Planning to be a part of this year’s campaign? Please email your road ribbon promotions and events to and we can help promote your activities and further spread the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® message.

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