Projects and Campaigns

The RoadWise Program continues to develop road safety projects, campaigns and initiatives which encourage community involvement in road safet, aligned with WA's road safety strategy 2020-30.

Some of the initiatives currently coordinated through the RoadWise Program include:

To find out more, select the relevant initiative from the main Projects and Campaigns drop down menu.


The RoadWise Program develops, publishes or distributes a variety of road safety resources for the road safety community in Western Australia. 

The majority of these resources are available for public access using a designated download form. If you are interested in accessing any of the documents published on this website, please complete the download form and the information will be made available for you to download immediately. Documents where only a hard copy exists will be posted.

RoadWise Program Resource Catalogue

The RoadWise Program has also developed a Resource Catalogue which provides details of banners, promotional material and activity kits which can be ordered in support of local road safety projects, initiatives and events.

The Resource Catalogue is available through the download form.